Paper is a commodity, but service is who we are

As one of the world’s largest distributors of pulp and paper products, you can rely on Gould to consistently deliver customer satisfaction and outstanding results. For Gould, the design focused and the key elements below, paper is what we sell but SERVICE is who we are.

Integrity shapes every relationship we have.
Customer Focus is what sets Gould apart—and above—the rest of the industry.
Service Excellence is our passion.

Gould website design
Gould website design

NJ Lottery needed a Pick Me Up & we delivered sales

I remain extremely proud to have collaborated with the team that increased New Jersey Lottery sales 5% in the first year Brushfire handled the account, five years later, sales had increased by $271 million.

We designed the NJ Lottery website with a focus on providing two main pieces of content, the winning numbers and jackpots (what got them there) as well as engaging content (that kept them there). That also included the NJ Lottery’s first iOS and Android app!

The Pick 3/4 “Pick Me Up” Campaign was one of many TV spots that I’ve worked on that was a part of that success. This was a one-day shoot, whose careful planning lead to the efficient use of time, that lead to creating four tv spots for a single shoot.

A 330% ROI? Yes, it is possible.

With the right strategy and flawless execution, even in today’s struggling economy, smart marketing can pay major dividends.

As a member of the Brushfire creative team, I helped create comprehensive marketing campaign for the New Jersey Division of Taxation’s 2009 Tax Amnesty Program.  This program yielded an incredible return on investment of nearly 330%.  Our campaign for Tax Amnesty combined an intelligent communications strategy, motivating creative messaging and ubiquitous yet targeted media coverage.  We tapped into key behavioral motivators to convey a highly compelling message that got individual taxpayers, small businesses and corporations alike to take action.

NJ Tax Amnesty Website
NJ Tax Amnesty images
NJ Tax Amnesty OOH billboard